Sunday, 19 November 2017

Philip Hammond actually claimed "there are no unemployed people"

Just imagine the mainstream media reaction if the shadow chancellor John McDonnell​ or anyone else from Labour had made a claim as ridiculous as there supposedly being no unemployed people in Britain. 

But that's exactly what the Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond did on the Andrew Marr Show.

We all remember the festival of hate that was aimed at Diane Abbott after she got her numbers horribly jumbled up during the general election, but at least she never made a claim as ludicrous as there being no unemployment at all.

Anyone who pays the remotest attention to politics must be well aware of the tricks and scams the Tories use to rig the unemployment figures like unemployed people forced to do unpaid "workfare" work being classed as employed, people working just a few hours a week on Zero Hours Contracts but still on benefits being classed as employed, people hit with draconian benefits sanctions not being classed as unemployed, economically inactive people not being classed as unemployed ...

We also know that the increase in the employment rate since 2010 has been matched by the longest sustained decline in UK workers' wages since records began. It's hardly ridiculous to suppose that the Tory policy of ruthlessly driving down workers' wages and working conditions has resulted in in a boom of low-paid, low-skill jobs as growing numbers of employers use exploitative employment practices like Zero Hours Contracts and fake self-employment in the gig economy in order to rinse as much profit as possible out of the UK workforce.

But we know that Hammond's ridiculous gaffe about there being no unemployed people will get nothing like the mainstream media attention Diane Abbott's mind fart got. And we also know that the mainstream media will continue championing the Tories' rigged unemployment figures without providing the caveat that they've only been achieved through horrific anti-welfare policies like sanctions, "workfare" and erecting as many obstacles as possible for people trying to claim unemployment benefits so that people (especially the mentally ill and under-educated) don't claim what they're actually entitled to.

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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Abusing the Irish is a really stupid idea

"Shut your gob" and "grow up" shrieked The S*n after the Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar dared to criticise the absolute shambles Theresa May and the three Brexiteers are making of the Brexit process.

Interestingly they didn't run the same petty-minded rant in the Irish version of The S*n though. One might imagine that this tirade wasn't actually intended for the Irish at all, but just to stoke up anti-Irish xenophobia amongst their readers.

Varadkar was hardly saying anything that we don't know when he complained that nowhere near enough progress has been made on the Irish border issue, or when he pointed out that "Brexit is a British policy, it's also one that Britain has imposed on the rest of Europe".

He is entirely right to be furious at the pitiful lack of progress on the Irish border, and he didn't say anything that warranted the furious backlash in Rupert Murdoch's UK propaganda rag, and certainly nothing to justify the hyperbolic accusation that "his arrogance stems from a delusion that he can ­single-handedly stop Brexit"

Anyone who gives a damn about Ireland knows how important it is to find a resolution to the Irish border problem, but then events in Ireland both north and south of the border get very little coverage in the UK mainstream media.

Just consider the fact that the Tories and the DUP have collaborated to impose direct rule in Northern Ireland just a few days ago, which is yet another significant setback in the peace process. 

This extraordinary intervention barely received a whiff of coverage and analysis, while absolute dross like the Greggs sausage roll in a manger farce and Kezia Dugdale dashing off to appear on "I'm a Celebrity" generated far more coverage.

Aside from the fact that the Irish border issue is absolutely crucial to the people of Ireland and Northern Ireland, it's actually also crucial to the people of mainland Britain too, because the EU27 have made it absolutely clear that the Brexit negotiations cannot move on to the trade talks phase until the Irish border issue is resolved.

So the more time the Tories fritter away without finding a sensible solution to the Irish border problem, the less time will remain for the trade talks to happen.

It's important to note that insulting the Irish Taoiseach and the Irish people is hardly a useful strategy at any stage of the negotiations, because (like all of the EU27 countries) Ireland will have a veto over the Brexit trade deal. Under these circumstances lobbing a load of bile, hyperbole, and abuse at the Irish hardly seems sensible.

In fact, it could be argued that frittering away time and insulting the Irish are exactly what you'd expect from people who actually want the Brexit negotiations to fail so as to cause the UK economy to collapse into an even more damaging economic meltdown than the 2007-08 bankers' crisis.

The suspicion that manufacturing a Brexit economic meltdown is the actual endgame for the hard-right is only bolstered by the fact that the Tories have been trying to hard write the Brexit date into law so that Britain crashes out of the EU with "no deal" whatever, even if both sides actually favour extending the negotiating period!

So once again we return to the age old question about Tories and their cheerleaders in the right-wing press: Is this behaviour motivated primarily by stupidity, or by malice?

What do you reckon?

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How Jeremy Corbyn burned the UKIP Trojan Horse to the ground

UKIP was always a Trojan Horse of a political party. It was absolutely obvious that they were a fake protest party designed to hoover up the votes of the dissatisfied in order to push the UK political spectrum ever further to the hard-right.

Anyone who cared to actually listen to their contempt for the NHS and the hard-right policies they promoted could tell what they were up to, but somehow  UKIP kept building momentum and attracting more and more voters who seemed entirely unconcerned that the party they were endorsing were pushing ever more fanatically right-wing policies into the political mainstream.

For a while the UK political scene was looking absolutely grim for anyone who believes in centre-left and liberal ideas, because the Tory+UKIP share of the vote was absolutely massive. At the 2015 General Election the combined Tory-UKIP vote share dwarfed the Labour vote share in every age demographic, even the under-30s!

We knew that all it would take would be for the UKIP and Tory votes to combine, and Britain would suffer a landslide election victory for a hard-right ultra-nationalist party that would make the Thatcher regime look like a bunch of mild-mannered moderates in comparison.

Had the 2015 Tory and UKIP votes combined together under the Tory flag, and the other parties kept more or less the same vote share, the Electoral Calculus website suggests that the Tories would have landed a super-majority with 406 seats, Labour would have slumped to 183 seats (their worst performance since the 1930s) and the Lib-Dems would have been reduced to just 2 seats!

After the Brexit vote in June 2016 and the subsequent implosion of UKIP under the hapless and directionless leadership of Paul Nuttall, it seemed that our worst fears were coming true. Theresa May and the Tories were soaring high in the polls and ex-Ukippers were flocking to the Tory party to follow the Brexit flag Theresa may had opportunistically nicked off actual Brexiteers when it suited her carer interests to do so.

In the week that Theresa May announced her self-serving snap election, the Tories had a massive lead in the opinion polls

YouGov put the Tories 48-24 ahead of Labour, and ComRes polled a 50-25 lead for the Tories. 

The only debate amongst mainstream media hacks at the time was whether Theresa May was going to ride the Blue-kip surge to a super-majority of 50+, or a mega-majority of 100+.

We all know what happened next. 

We all witnessed the most extraordinary turnaround in political fortunes as Jeremy Corbyn built a massive wave of support, especially amongst young voters and the millions who had been disenfranchised and reduced to apathy through two decades of having no influence over politics other than the colour of the rosette being worn by one out-of-touch neoliberalism-fixated shill or the other.

Theresa May still benefited from a massive influx of hard-right ultra-nationalist Blue-kippers, which is the main explanation for how probably the worst general election campaign in living memory resulted in a 2.3 million increase in the Tory vote, but the Blue-kip surge was more than countered by the astounding 3.5 million increase in the Labour vote.

Jeremy Corbyn achieved this extraordinary turnaround in two main ways. Firstly he offered an actual manifesto of hope instead of the disastrously uninspiring kind of austerity-lite slop that Labour offered up at the 2015 General Election. And secondly by playing an absolute master-stroke. Despite howls of outrage from the usual suspects, Corbyn decided to go into the 2017 General Election offering a centre-left version of Brexit, rather than opting for a "let's cancel Brexit" campaign that would have been furiously derided as an anti-democratic sore loser campaign.

Corbyn's strategic decision payed off brilliantly as a sizeable chunk of the less rabidly right-wing UKIP vote deserted to Labour instead of the Tories, and the Lib-Dems who did run a sore loser campaign actually dropped another 0.5% from what most observers assumed to be their absolute nadir in 2015.

The Tories should be absolutely furious with Theresa May because the UKIP Trojan Horse surge was a one-off golden opportunity to secure a massive unassailable Tory majority, and she absolutely wasted it.

UKIP is now wreck of a party that has slumped from almost 4 million votes in 2015 to below half a million just two years later. In the 2017 local elections they lost a staggering 145 of the 146 council seats they were defending, since the General Election they've lost all 5 of the by-election seats they held, and they're also suffering even more losses as UKIP councillors flee the sinking ship by defecting to the Tory party.

There's never going to be another Blue-kip surge for the Tory party because the UKIP Trojan Horse is burned to cinders. And the Tories have got an even bigger problem than that too. The grotesque brand of hard-right ultra-nationalism that the Tories embraced in order to appeal to the Ukipper demographic is electoral cyanide to the younger generations, who are very much more keen on stuff like environmentalism, feminism, multiculturalism and social liberalism.

The Tories must keep pushing the regressive hard-right ultra-nationalist policies or their brand new, but now fundamentally important Blue-kip demographic will desert them. But they're sitting on a demographic trapdoor, because the electorate is more divided by age than it's ever been, and the demographics that most adore regressive hard-right fanaticism are the not-long-to-live over-65s, while younger voters who have a dozen or more elections in front of them absolutely detest it.

The Tories can't get off the demographic trapdoor they've positioned themselves over because their fanatically right-wing Blue-kip demographic would abandon them if they did, but this demographic is going to gradually die off, leaving Labour to power to victory at some point.

The trope amongst bitter centrist dad Blairite types these days is to ignore the fact that Jeremy Corbyn achieved the biggest increase in the Labour vote share since 1945, and to actually whine that Corbyn should have won the election outright. 

But what they're missing (either wilfully, or through sheer political ignorance) is that Jeremy Corbyn has burned the UKIP Trojan Horse to the ground, and left the Tories utterly dependent on appealing to the basest instincts of the regressive Blue-kip demographic.

Just imagine how much scorn and derision would have been poured on anyone who had predicted back in April that Jeremy Corbyn could more than counteract the Blue-kip surge by doing two things that conventional political wisdom claimed as impossible; bringing out the youth vote, and re-engaging non-voters. 

But somehow he actually managed to do it, and it's surely only a matter of time before the Tory party collapses into the "no deal" Brexit hole they keep digging beneath their own foundations, giving Jeremy Corbyn and the reenergised Labour Party a chance to finish off the job.

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Friday, 17 November 2017

The Spanish knew about Abdelbaki Es Satty's jihadist links, but they didn't bother to tell the Catalan police

The Islamist extremist who masterminded the August 2017 terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils had worked as an informant to the Spanish security services.

Spain's National Intelligence Centre (CNI) have admitted that they had contact with Abdelbaki Es Satty that began during his four year jail sentence for drug smuggling between 2010 and 2014.

It's also been established that Es Satty was known to the Spanish intelligence services when he first arrived in Spain in 2002, and that his contact details were included in the address books of the terrorists who carried out the 2004 Madrid train bombings that killed 193 people.

Es Satty was killed in an explosion in the bomb factory he was operating in the small Catalan town of Alcanar in August 2017.

The CNI have refused to admit when Es Satty stopped working as an informant for them, or how much he was paid. They also failed to intervene when Es Satty appealed against his deportation from Spain in 2015 because the court were presented with no information whatever about his links with Islamist terrorists.

The CNI have not offered an explanation for why none of the information on Es Satty's jihadist links and drug smuggling activities were ever shared with the Catalan police when it became clear that he'd settled in Catalonia either.

What's even worse is that despite the Spanish security services having failed to share the information they had on Es Satty with the Catalan police, Spanish sources in Madrid even set about briefing the press that the Catalan police were at fault for "missing opportunities to uncover the plot".

Given how the justice system works in Spain nobody in the Spanish intelligence agencies will ever face criticism, let alone punishment over this scandal, and if Es Satty was still working as an informant while he was actively plotting terrorist attacks, the fact will never be made public.

We know this because if you're part of the Spanish establishment you can walk free even after being found guilty of vast multi-billion Euro frauds (like Rodrigo Rato and IƱaki Urdangarin have), while if you're considered an enemy of the Spanish state you can be imprisoned without trial for "crimes" like peacefully promoting Catalan independence and organising a democratic vote.

It's absolutely no surprise that the Spanish legal system is widely regarded as the most corrupt in western Europe, and it would take an extraordinary display of wishful thinking to expect anything resembling a proper unbiased investigation into the Abdelbaki Es Satty scandal.

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The hypocrisy of the hard-right "taking us back to the 1970s" mob.

We're all familiar with the endlessly recycled right-wing propaganda trope about how Labour are supposedly "taking us back to the 1970s" aren't we?

We're also well aware that the right-wing narrative that the 1970s was unrelentingly crap is an absolute myth, and that despite the oil shocks and the periods of industrial unrest it was a time of affordable housing, full employment, decent wages, rapidly improving social conditions, great music, train fares that cost less than just doing the trip by car, free university education, and the highest levels of social mobility the UK has ever seen.

We also know that stuff like facts and evidence don't matter a jot to the people who mindlessly regurgitate right-wing propaganda tropes as if they're visionary political insights rather than something they've just mindlessly absorbed from the right-wing gutter press.

It barely takes a puff of critical thinking skills to tear this "back to the 70s" trope to shreds, yet the mindless political rote learners just can't do it.

Just look at the headline policies in the Labour manifesto and consider these facts:

  • The rip-off private energy companies only formed after the privatisation of the National Grid in 1990 (long after the 1970s).
  • The shambolic Tory privatisation of the railways happened in 1994 (long after the 1970s).
  • The Royal Mail was only sold off at significantly below its true market value in 2013 (long after the 1970s).
  • The NHS was run as a not-for-profit public service until the Tories carved it open for privatisation with their 2012 Health and Social Care Act (long after the 1970s)
  • The proliferation of exploitative Zero Hours Contracts that Jeremy Corbyn wants to crack down on only happened over the last decade (long after the 1970s).
  • House prices have soared out of the reach of millions of ordinary working people as a result of the Tories overseeing the lowest levels of house building since the 1920s and the worst collapse in the value of UK workers' wages since records began (long after the 1970s).
Labour want to reverse this mess, literally all of which has happened since 1990, and much of the worst of it has been going on since the Lib-Dems enabled the Tories back into power in 2010.

The problem is that stuff like facts and evidence just don't matter to the kind of people who rote learn and mindlessly regurgitate the propaganda they read in the extreme-right press.

They only care about the dopamine reward they get from successfully remembering that they've seen these simplistic extreme-right propaganda tropes before, and from faithfully repeating them like a small child who is ecstatic at having learned the first few letters of the alphabet or the two times table.

Worse even that their immunity to facts, and their aversion to critical thinking skills, is the downright hypocrisy of so many of these Blue-kip blowhards.

They're been trained by their masters in the extreme-right press to pour scorn on any policies designed to undo the damage that decades of hard-right economic madness has done to the UK economy, and to accuse their proponents of living in the past, or wanting to "drag the UK back to the 1970s" ... yet, we know that a huge proportion of the hard-right propaganda reading Blue-kip types are obsessed with bringing back archaic stuff like blue passports, Imperial weights and measures, hunting with dogs, and corporal punishment in schools!

We also know that they voted for a party that wants to bring back the divisive segregation of children into a minority that go to well-funded grammar schools, and the majority who get left to rot in the under-funded secondary moderns.

We also know that they voted for a political party that oversaw the lowest level of house building since the 1920s!

These right-wing blowhards accuse others of wanting to live in the past, whilst simultaneously hankering after the policies of the distant past themselves! 

They crave a return to the times when passports were blue, innocent people were killed by the state for crimes they didn't commit, and children got whipped and beaten with sticks in schools for failing to learn how to divide stuff by 14 and 16 properly.

And in 2017 they flocked to the polling stations to vote for a political party that was plotting to restore the archaic and barbaric practice of ripping live foxes apart with packs of dogs.

The really sad thing is that they don't miss the actual good things about the past like the house prices that weren't way beyond the reach of ordinary working people, the decent wages, the train tickets that were cheaper than doing the trip by car, the affordable energy bills, the social mobilitythe full employment, the decent workers' rights ...

No! The stuff that most Blue-kip blowhards seem to miss about the past is the teachers beating the crap out of the children they didn't like in schools, the ridiculously archaic and impractical weights and measures system, the barbaric blood sports, the 
segregation in the education systemand the bloody blue passports!

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"I'd like to hear an example of a country where Corbyn and McDonnell's ideas have worked"

The bald man in the BBC Question Time audience demanded answers from the Labour shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, but he wasn't remotely interested in what she had to say, because he'd already diligently rote learned his political opinions from the right-wing media.

When he said "I'd like to hear an example of a country where Corbyn and McDonnell's ideas have worked" you might have imagined that he was interested in listening to the answer, but when Thornberry replied "most of central Europe" and when pressed to name specific countries she said "Germany" and "Sweden" he sneered derisively as if she was the delusional one.

Thornberry's response elicited cackling and sneering from the Tory tribailists in the BBC audience, but that just goes to show how these people have been led like sheep into believing that Jeremy Corbyn is some kind of terrifying left-wing extremist, rather than a centre-left democratic socialist who is proposing economic policies that are perfectly normal across Europe and the rest of the developed world.

Of course there is no country on Earth where a government has come to power and enacted absolutely everything in the Labour Party manifesto, but significant elements of Labour's economic policies are absolutely commonplace across the developed world.

One of Jeremy Corbyn's most prominent headline policies is the abolition of  tuition fees (which should more accurately be described as Aspiration Taxes) and making university education free. University education is free (or very low cost) across most of Europe, including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and let's not forget Scotland either. If Germany and Scotland can afford to offer free university education, why can't England?

Jeremy Corbyn wants to reverse the extreme Tory cuts to Corporation Tax that have been going on since 2010. He plans to increase the rate for major corporations to 26%, while setting a lower rate of 21% for small corporations. 26% would still be the lowest rate in the G7 advanced economies, which means Corbyn's tax policies are so far from being extreme-left that they're actually more pro-corporate than the USA, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada!

One of Corbyn and McDonnell's most interesting ideas is the establishment of a National Investment Bank in order to fund future infrastructure projects. Other countries that have National Investment Banks/Sovereign Wealth Funds include Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, and the Chinese economic powerhouse actually have several.

The Labour Party Manifesto pledged to renationalise the National Grid. Some might see this as radical leftist extremism, but they'd have to be utterly clueless to have been bamboozled into such a position by the right-wing dominated media, because the United States actually has a network of not-for-profit publicly accountable electricity distribution grids. Perhaps if you're so rabidly right-wing that you think Texas is an extreme-left state awash with commies and Marxists you might believe that Corbyn's energy policies are extreme-left, or perhaps you've got some semblance of a grip on reality?

Corbyn and McDonnell also want to renationalise the railways. There are several countries in the developed world with national rail companies including France, Norway, Singapore, Hong Kong and Italy. The really interesting thing is that under the Tories' shambolic privatisation agenda these foreign state rail companies are actually running 74% of the franchises on the UK rail network, and the only country that is banned from bidding to run UK rail franchises is the UK itself. Perhaps a more pertinent question when it comes to national rail networks would be to ask for an example of another country that has made such a godawful mess of their rail network?

Another Labour Manifesto pledge was to bring the Royal Mail back under public ownership. Other countries with national mail systems include Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and Finland.

Then there's the policy of reversing the Tory strategy of carving up the NHS and distributing the pieces to profiteering corporations (including corporations run by major Tory party donors). You don't have to look very far for an example of a successful not-for-profit public health system. The NHS itself was doing brilliantly before the Tories set about vandalising it. The NHS was ranked as the most efficient health service in the world, and had the highest approval ratings ever, then the Tories imposed huge austerity cuts and imposed a massive top down reorganisation called the 2012 Health and Social Care Act. Since then waiting times have skyrocketed, huge numbers of A&E units, maternity wards and walk in centres have been axed 
(often against furious local opposition), NHS staff are overworked, underpaid and demoralised  and huge numbers of people are dying as a consequence.

The truth is that we don't have to look abroad for evidence that Labour's policies work, we just have to look at the devastating ideological vandalism the Tories are inflicting on the NHS, and recognise that Labour have pledged to stop the vandalism and set about reversing the damage.

The problem of course is that vast numbers of people are so shockingly gullible that they simply believe what the mainstream media tell them about Jeremy Corbyn being some kind of terrifying leftist bogeyman with bonkers extreme-left policies. They're unwilling to even consider the fact that most of Corbyn's headline economic policies are commonplace across the developed world, and in fact it's radically right-wing Tory policies like handing control of state schools to private sector pseudo-charities, privatising police services, and vandalising the health system that are desperately unpopular, and pretty damned rare in successful developed economies.

So the big question has to be how do we reach out to people who are so damned gullible that they uncritically rote learn the mainstream media propaganda about Jeremy Corbyn being an extreme-left bogeyman, and sneer derisively when anyone points out the fact that Corbyn's policies are absolutely commonplace across the developed world while the Tories are the ideological extremists?

How do we reach out to people who prefer to believe in mainstream media lies than in observable reality?

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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Why are the BBC ignoring the shocking death toll that comes with Tory austerity dogma?

Just imagine the howls of outrage in the mainstream media if the British Medical Journal had published a study that showed that the policies of a Labour government had led to 120,000 deaths, which were described as "economic murder" by one of the study co-authors.

The British Medical Journal have published such a report, but the conclusion is that the excess 120,000 deaths are the result of massive ideologically driven Tory cuts to the NHS and social care system.

Co-author Professor Lawrence King of the Applied Health Research Unit at Cambridge University said that "it is now very clear that austerity does not promote growth or reduce deficits – it is bad economics, but good class politics". He added that the results of the study show that the Tories have overseen "a public health disaster" and claimed that "it is not an exaggeration to call it economic murder".

The report also suggests that without a significant increase in health spending there could be an additional 150,000 excess deaths between 2015 and 2020.

150,000 excess deaths is an awful lot of to imagine, so to put it into perspective, this report suggests that Tory austerity dogma comes with a death toll the equivalent of a September 11th 2001 scale terrorist attack every single month for five punishing years.

I'm sure Tory tribalists will find plenty of excuses for this staggering mass of excess deaths caused by their fixation with hard-right economic policies. 

They'll weave their sick little justification narratives about how the economy is better off without the people who have died because most of the dead were economically inactive elderly and disabled people. Or they'll try to cast doubt on the findings of the study with displays of anti-intellectual sneering towards the experts who worked on it. Or they run disinformation campaigns by bombarding people with misleading statistics designed to distract people from the ideologically driven cuts to health and social care funding their party has been enacting.

But the real issue isn't the sick excuses and distraction tactics spewed by the minority of Tories who find themselves cornered on the subject of the death toll that comes with Tory austerity dogma. The big issue is that swathes of the mainstream media are refusing to publicise the fact that Tory austerity dogma comes with this huge death toll.

The left-leaning Independent and Daily Mirror have covered the story as well as the much maligned Russian state broadcaster RT and (somewhat surprisingly) the right-wing Daily Mail & Metro, but somehow the BBC have completely overlooked it, preferring to fixate on the growing number of sexual indecency allegations against Kevin Spacey as their headline news (as if the actions of one indecent actor somehow outweigh the avoidable loss of 120,000 lives due to Tory austerity dogma).

It's easy to understand why right-wing pro-austerity news outlets like The S*n, Express, Times, and Telegraph might want to ignore an academic report that details the body count of their beloved austerity dogma, but it's quite something else that the supposedly impartial UK state broadcaster has decided to ignore a study that suggests the UK state is responsible for over a hundred thousand excess deaths, and will be responsible for a further 500+ more every week from now until 2020.

So next time you hear anyone droning on about how RT is just Russian propaganda, you don't need to disagree with them, but you really should explain that the BBC runs propaganda for the UK state, and remind them of how the BBC didn't even bother to report the fact that Tory austerity has such an obscene death toll when RT actually did.

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Why did the Tories scrap Amendment 58?

The ever deceptive Tories have continually tried to create the fiction that they have no intention of using Brexit as a Trojan Horse to launch ideologically driven attacks on workers' rights, consumer standards, equal rights legislation, environmental protections, animal welfare laws and the like.

On the evening of November 15th 2017 they proved these promises to be outright lies when they voted against Labour's amendment to add Clause 58 to the EU withdrawal bill.

All Clause 58 sought to do was prevent the Tory-DUP government from bypassing parliament in order to revoke EU derived workers' rights, equal rights, workplace safety legislation, consumer protections, and environmental standards (see image).

The amendment sought to ensure that if the government wants to revoke any of these rights and standards, they must submit legislation to parliament in order to do it, rather than just using Brexit as an excuse to scrap them on the sly with no democratic scrutiny whatever.

The Tories came together to defeat the amendment to add Clause 58 to the EU Withdrawal Bill by 311 votes to 299.

This raises the obvious question of why they would defeat an amendment that does nothing other than ensure that they have to seek democratic approval before scrapping our rights and standards, unless they're planning to scrap our rights and standards.

There's no way the Tory vote against Clause 58 makes any sense whatever unless they're plotting to do exactly what they've repeatedly assured the British that they're not planning to do.

The only possible reason for their vote against Clause 58 is that it would have prevented them from using archaic Henry VIII powers so that Tory ministers can trash our workers' rights and standards on the sly, with no parliamentary scrutiny of what they're doing.

The Tories couldn't really have given a clearer indication of their intention to use Brexit as an excuse to create a bonfire of workers' rights, consumer protections, and environmental laws, yet the mainstream media refused to explain the true significance of this Clause 58 defeat, and millions of people remain utterly complacent about the real intentions of the hard-right Tory Brexiteers who are now dictating Theresa May's every move.

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